Realizing a Future of
Collaboration with Dialogue Systems

- Higashinaka Laboratory, Graduate School of Informatics, Nagoya University -

By enabling advanced communication through dialogue between computers and humans,
we aim to significantly enhance the quality of collaboration between computers and humans,
thereby contributing to the realization of a better society.


Dialogue is a fundamental medium for humans. If computers and humans can communicate through dialogue, the quality of collaboration between them will increase dramatically. At the Higashinaka Laboratory, we aim to realize such a dialogue system and change the relationship between computers and humans.


Dialogue System

We aim to realize a system that can reliably achieve objectives through the integration of various functions constituting the system.

Dialogue System

We are constructing a system that enables humans and computers to communicate through dialogue, facilitating collaborative work through conversations.

Enhancing Human Dialogue Capabilities

We are working on developing a system that extends human dialogue capabilities. Through virtual avatars, this system enables a level of communication that cannot be achieved by humans alone.

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